Why Here

This design district is surrounded by newer homes and mixed use commercial property. It’s a fast-growing area with appealing demographics. Alliance Airport is just to the north of the district and the many appealing restaurants along 135 are within easy reach for a business lunch, dinner, or happy hour with the team. Part of the district was once a working horse farm. The barn has been renovated and is now open for businesses that want modern space with a rustic feel. We’ve got the fun, funky workspace that will inspire your best work.

Doers Moving In

Community members include businesses in these categories:

  • Interior designers
  • Web designers
  • Artists
  • Craftspeople
  • Etsy and Amazon businesses
  • Tech businesses
  • Auto restoration
  • Furniture restoration and woodworking businesses
  • Tattoo artists
  • Distributors
  • Printers and graphic artists

Come for a visit. We’d like to show you the latest in innovative business space from 320 sq. ft. to 24,000 and introduce you to some other doers in Fort Worth Design District. We’ve got everything from dock wells and 20,000sf spaces, to spaces starting at $320, showrooms or just an office in Paddock Place, the barn converted to offices.


Space in the company of doers.

Come grow your business in the company of other doers. Box Office Warehouse Suites offers fully finished spaces starting at only 320 square feet with mini kitchen and ADA restroom. When you need more space, you can add another container and grow without changing your business address in most cases.


Space to collaborate

We’re pet friendly as are many of the businesses that see the worth of space designed to bring about conversations and collaboration. It’s easy to move in, too. It’s a fun and funky place decorated with murals and street art done by some of Fort Worth’s leading artists at our St Patrick’s Day street art festival that raised money for the local SPCA.


No hassle purpose built spaces for Ft. Worth microbusinesses.

Fort Worth Design District is just north of the city limits and south of Alliance at the Golden Triangle Exit off of I35W, so everything is close by but moving in does not require getting a certificate of occupancy from the city. In contrast to some design districts that exist in areas that are revitalizing, this is a new purpose-built park for creative microbusinesses.

Locally Owned & Operated

Fort Worth Design District and shipping container Business Park came from the fertile mind of CNBC’s Blue Collar Millionaire Ron Sturgeon. It is owned and operated by Ron Sturgeon Real Estate and RDS Opportunity Fund. For leasing information or to schedule a visit, call or email Jim Eaton at (817)-439-3224.

For more information visit RDS Real Estate.

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